If you own a Honda that was built after 2006 than you may notice random letters and numbers that pop up on your dash from time to time. Well those letters and numbers are actually part of the Honda Maintenance Minder system implemented by Honda to take the guessing our of when your service is due. Below, you will see what each letter and number represent.

Type A / 0

Replace the engine oil

Type B / B1 / 9

Replace the engine oil and filter,
Service front and rear Brakes,
Check parking brake adjustments,
Rotate tires, inspect for wear and adjust pressure,
Inspect Tie Rod Ends, steering gear box and boots,
Inspect suspension components,
Inspect driveshaft boots,
Inspect brake hoses and lines (including ABS),
Check all fluid levels and condition of fluids,
Inspect exhaust system,
Inspect fuel lines and connections,
Check expiration of Tire Repair Kit bottle (if applicable)

Type 1 - Expect every 8 - 19k

Rotate Tires, inspect for wear and adjust pressure.

Type 2 - Expect every 40 - 49k

Replace engine air filter
Replace cabin air filter
Inspect and adjust drive belt.

Type 3 - Automatic Transmission

Replace automatic transmission fluid
Replaced transfer case fluid (4wd Trucks)

Type 3 - Manual Transmission  -  Expect every 95 - 109k

Replace Manual Transmission Fluid

Type 4 - Expect every 160 - 169k

Replace spark plugs,
Replace timing belt and inspect water pump (V6 only),
Inspect and adjust valves.

Type 5 - Expect first 175 - 184k than every 80k

Replace engine coolant.

Type 6 - Expect first 15 - 24k than every 50k

Replace rear differential fluid (4WD Trucks, S2000)

*Brake Fluid should be replaced every 3 years regardless of mileage